Combat Canes

Canes made by and for the martial artist

Combat Canes

Simply put, there are FAR too many sites out there touting "combat canes" or "fighting sticks" that simply AREN'T! They are not produced to the very high standards that REAL stick fighters demand.

There are also a couple of companies out there who extol the virtues of the humble cane as an "invisible" weapon- one that goes un-noticed; then ON THE SAME PAGE, display sticks w/ eyes, obvious hand grips, "fangs" and impact edges... 


On the other end is the "martial cane" that is nothing more than 2nd rate rattan roughly bent into a vaguely cane like hook.


Whether the cane you choose is wooden or composite, with a crook or a knob, you can be CERTAIN that it is made to exacting standards, with COMBAT in mind. While each and every  cane we make is a full orthopedic support, they are primarily made w/ the concerns of a real world stick fighter in mind.

If you are looking for a flashy weapon, to let the world know you are a TOUGH GUY,
do us both a favor and look elsewhere.

If you want the finest combat cane anywhere, at any price, drop me a line.