The Difference

You might be asking yourself, "What's the difference? A cane is a cane."

Simply, my canes are virtually indestructible. Not long after I started training in the cane I was at a knife show here in Phoenix, and I saw a sturdy walking stick made from some grey material.  I asked the dealer what it was. He explained these walking sticks were made by famed knifemaker Newt Livesay, from a material that he called "Saynite".  Newt refused to divulge exactly what the material  was...even to him, a friend and dealer. I took a good hard look at it, and went home to do some research. When I thought I had figured it out, I found a phone number and called Newt's daughter. She explained he was out of the country, so I gave her my email to pass along. A few days later I received an email from the man himself, and I when I explained what I had figured out, Newt said " I'll be damned! " I asked for his permission to use the name and he granted it.

Essentially created from a long strand polymer, "Saynite" canes are amazingly strong. Mine  come, not in grey but a high-gloss black, with simple knob handles of either ebony black or ivory white.

Combat Canes

Canes made by and for the martial artist