Almost 15 years ago I had a profound realization. One that LITERALLY changed the way I would view martial arts in general, and weapons in particular.

You see, it occurred to me that all my weapons training was, in a sense, WITHOUT VALUE in the REAL WORLD! Not without personal value - after all, my training made me what I am.  But all my training lacked real world application.

When would I actually HAVE a staff, a broadsword, a katana,  or rapier WITH me, on my person?? 

I thought to myself "CRAP! What can I actually carry? What is effective, legal, common, readily adapted to my skill set, and above all will go UN-NOTICED?  I added this last criteria because I wanted a weapon I could carry at all times without visually screaming  "HEY! I'm ARMED!" 

Then it hit me, I was quite literally looking right at it, MY CANE. Just sitting over there in the corner waiting to be rediscovered by me.

I walked up to it, KNOWING I'd found my answer. I picked it up, and almost lost the moment.  You see it was COMPLETELY wrong:  too thin, too light, wrong handle, but I looked past its shortcomings and saw the WEAPON it COULD BE. Thus began my training with the cane.

That was a long time ago. Since that moment I have made canes for Eastern Masters,  Western Maestros; and men and women on FOUR CONTINENTS carry my work. 

That moment was important for more than just me. 

To all my customers over the years... Thank you! 

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